The Discovery Of Coconut Oil


After doing a bit of research into hair health I discovered coconut oil. This tub (as tiny as it may seem) has many health benefits as well as economic ones as it lasts forever!

There are many ways to use this super oil, I like to massage it into my scalp to stimulate my hair follicles for a good 5 mins, then leave it in for an hour before washing my hair, leaving my hair super shiny.

Another way to make your hair look coco-mazing is to take a tiny bit of it and melt it in between your fingers then seal the ends of your hair with it to lock in moisture.

There are also many other beauty benefits including –

Maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin as it is full of vitamin E.

Make up remover – use with a moist cotton ball to wipe off any make up. Not only does this remove make up but it also leaves skin silky smooth!

Body scrub – take some coconut oil and mix with brown sugar to create a sweet smelling scrub that will leave your skin fresh and nourished.

I’ve been using this oil for a few weeks now and can definitely see a difference in the health of my hair, definitely a good investment.

And its only £2.29!