The pain of growing your hair


So…you want to grow your hair? Well if you are just starting be prepared to wait a while. I have been growing mines out for 3 years, from a chin length bob to what is now mid length/touching my bra strap. I still have another 6 inch to wait for where I want it to be though.  I have recently invested in a few tips and tricks to speed the process up though which I will list below –

  • ·         Hair Growth Shampoo/Treatment/Conditioner  – I have been using Lee Stafford’s Hair Growth Treatment and shampoo and conditioner for the past month and a half. The bottle claims to improve the health of your scalp therefore stimulating follicles and promoting hair growth! I don’t know if my hair has actually grown using these products but I do think that the overall health of my hair has improved and leaves it nice and soft.


  • ·         Vitamins and Biotin –  It is so important to take vitamins to ensure your body (and hair) is getting all the vitamins and goodness they need to stay healthy.  Its important to take a well balanced  multi vitamin to ensure you are getting the right recommended dosage of each mineral and vitamin.  I take two of Chewable A-Z Multivitamins and Minerals from Superdrugs own brand. I also take one Biotin tablet as it “helps support the maintenance of hair and its growth”.image


  • ·         Stimulating hair follicles – As previously mentioned in “The Discovery Of Coconut Oil”, it is also important to make sure you are stimulating your hair follicles. This can be by taking some coconut oil and melting it between your fingers then massaging it into your scalp. Another method I have previously used is taking some nutmeg (told you I was desperate for long hair!) and mixing it with the coconut oil to give it and extra boost! Plus you’ll smell as Christmas. Do this for a good five minutes then leave in your hair for an hour and rinse out.


  • ·         Stay away from heat  – This one is definitely a hard one for me as my hair is naturally mental. Heat damages our hair so if you want to grow your hair then it is important to not inflict any damage on it because it could result in dry brittle hair resulting in breaking. Definitely not what you want when you are growing it.image

Do you have any other tips and tricks that work for you? Let me know:)

– Rachel


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