The Greatest Invention Since GHD’s!


Having fought with my naturally mad curly hair ever since I can remember, I was relieved when I received a pair of GHD’s to put me out of my frizz control product buying misery and straighten my hair to within an inch of its life! However that being said I did miss my curls and no matter how much I tried, couldn’t work a curling iron to save my life. That is until I discovered the Babyliss Curl Secret.

Words can not describe how excited I was waiting for this product to arrive in the post or how many YouTube videos I watched imaging how amazing my hair would look once I received it.

The product has 3 settings – 3 heat settings, the time you would like your hair to be curled for ( 12,10 and 8 secs) and a setting allowing you to rotate which way you would like your curls to face. Meaning that no matter what your hair type pretty much anyone can use this and create perfect angel curls or soft beach waves depending on what settings you have selected.

After a bit of trial and error and getting over the amazement of my hair being sucked into this miracle machine and coming out looking like its about to star in its own hair commercial, I have put away my straighteners. After using them every day to create a look that was only ever mediocre anyway, I  finally have the choice of having big glamorous curls (my favorite setting!) or soft beach waves as well as sleek smooth straight hair. I cannot recommend it enough, my curls last all day and helps me create a nice look for a big night out. Just remember to keep it a secret though.



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